UiPath Studio Web – It’s Finally Here! This Is How To Book Yours Quickly!

UiPath Studio Web is here!

Cloud Software – it’s everywhere! Whether it’s your Outlook Email, ticketing systems or project collaboration apps – you will see a web version of almost every software that once used to be an installation on your computer. The latest product company to join the Web party is UiPath and how! Studio Web is finally making its way into your UiPath Automation Cloud, packed with a host of ready-to-use activities.

Computers are faster and happier with it; Management can’t get enough of it! Cloud really has made things easier in this remote world. We are able to access our workspaces better than ever before and more easily than was possible just a decade ago! UiPath Studio Suite has also evolved a lot over the last few years, even before the introduction of its new Studio Web.

UiPath Studio Suite Overview

The UiPath Product Suite features UiPath Studio as the main component of the BUILD phase. It features an advanced IDE (Integrated Development Environment) using which we can build, test and deploy automation programs (i.e. Software bots).

UiPath - Product Suite
Source: uipath.com

Current UiPath Studio Offerings

UiPath Studio LogoUiPath Studio is the main development platform. Both beginners and advanced RPA developers can build simple as well as complex automation solutions in Studio.
UiPath StudioX LogoUiPath StudioX is a totally beginner-friendly platform. Business users and/or anyone who has little or no experience in programming can automate processes involving general office-use software such as MS Excel, Outlook and web browsers.
Current UiPath Product Suite offers two different products for code development, with one more on the way.

UiPath Studio Web – Now Your Bots Are On Cloud (#9)!

After Studio and StudioX were received amazingly well by the UiPath Dev Community, now Studio Web is being released to introduce the flexibility of automatically saving your code to the cloud; and resume work without worrying about frequently backing up your code (although it is always recommended!)

The following images will show you how you can access (or request to Subscribe to) Studio Web from your UiPath Cloud.

1. Access UiPath Automation Cloud

Access your organisation’s UiPath Cloud (https://cloud.uipath.com)

The Studio Web is now available as a Main Menu item under Automation Cloud.

UiPath Automation Cloud - Home

2. Subscribe to Studio Web updates

At the time of writing, Studio Web is only available as a Private Preview for certain user groups, such as UiPath MVPs. However, you can subscribe to get notifications as soon as it is available.

UiPath Studio Web - Subscribe
Subscribe to get updates about the Studio Web release

A Sneak Peek From My Private Preview

As a UiPath MVP, I have been given the opportunity to learn Studio Web and share my experience with the community. Here are a few screenshots detailing the Studio Web experience.

Overview with Screenshots

This is a quick preview of what is to come in Studio Web when it is available for use within your cloud organisation.

1. My Projects Screen

On this screen, you can create a new project or import a project. A project can be exported and imported as a ZIP file.

UiPath Studio Web - My Projects Screen

An existing project has a lot of associated commands related to managing that project in the cloud.

UiPath Studio Web - Export project

2. Edit Project Screen

A Studio Web project is linear, i.e. there is no possibility to include a flowchart. This is expected to change in future, given the fact that Studio Web is aiming to be fully compatible with Studio in due time. That will be a fun day! (Looking forward!)

The Edit Project screen looks like this:

UiPath Studio Web - minimalistic interface

The Arguments/Variables used in the sequence are visible along the right edge. There is also a view for Output logs along the right edge of the project editor.

However, this user interface is somewhat different from Studio or StudioX, i.e. the Activities panel is not visible here, which is usually present on the left side. Instead, clicking the + button brings up the available activities (commands).

UiPath Studio Web - available activities
Clicking the + button brings up an extensive menu of available activities

This UiPath forum post contains an incremental list of available Studio Web activities.

My Thoughts about Studio Web

So, is Studio Web a viable option for me?
Short answer – Yes!
Long answer – Yes, but eventually. For now, it has a long way to go.

The Studio Web is not a feasible option for mainstream robot development. It allows only linear and simple automation, hence ruling out most enterprise processes because they are fairly complex.

Here are a few of my takeaways from Studio Web.

1. Minimal User Interface – Neato!

I love the minimalistic interface. It is simple and intuitive. Most importantly, for a beginner (who most of my intended readers are) it could be intimidating to see a lot of different panels along every edge of the screen. This interface is welcoming and easy to understand.

A clever product design like this underlines why UiPath is the best RPA tool for beginners!

2. Flowcharts – can’t go with the flow baby (not yet!)

Ideally, Studio Web will be a great tool for non-programmer users, e.g. business technologists, analysts and process experts. However, such process specialists are quite proficient in process maps and flowcharts.

This is something currently missing from Studio Web. It will be great value for a business user to build automation just as they would map a process! Easy!

3. Portability – Take Your Bots With You!

Although UiPath Studio comes with extensive Version Control features, sometimes it’s easier to just close your laptop when you are on the move! Now your code is automatically saved while you work in Studio Web. Also, there’s no need to synchronise it using a source control repository… at least for now!

There may be a time in future when Studio and Studio Web are compatible with each other, and then complex Studio projects may need longer to finish Sync. It’ll be interesting to see how Studio Web makes this process easy in the future.

Is Studio Web for you?

What are your thoughts about this new offering from one of the leading RPA providers?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments or send an email to Ash@RPAForEveryone.com. I am eager to know your opinions and will respond to all emails. Thank you for your continued support! 🙂

I’ll talk to you in my next post. Ciao!