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The Reading v/s Listening Debate

Beach Reading

There are countless articles and forum debates on whether reading is better than listening or the other way around. And I like both, depending on what I am doing. While there’s nothing like reading a book on a warm, cozy afternoon, the distractions and interruptions on the daily commute to work don’t always make it easy to read peacefully.

So, when it comes to my multi-stop commute – walking to the station, maybe travel standing up, take 2 different trains and walk a little more to work – that’s a lot of interruptions. Yet, I am constantly learning, thanks to a little voice in my head. Not mine, but that of a different podcaster every day. I have probably finished more books in audio format in the last few years than all the book I’ve read in my life. It’s amazing how much you can absorb while travelling or doing chores around the house!

Maybe that’s just me, but look at the results from expert surveys- podcasts are rapidly becoming the go-to source of information and meaningful content from specialists and amateurs alike.

Getting to the point…🎧

The point being, it’s a privilege to talk to you directly through your headphone rather than type lines after lines to get to the point. With that, I present to you the RPA For Everyone Podcast:

002 – The FOUR SECRETS To A Successful RPA Career RPA For Everyone

EPISODE 2 | RPA FOR EVERYONE PODCASTCan one learn a language without its alphabet, or learn to run before they can walk… Most likely, the answer is No. Similarly, knowing the basic principles of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is equally important!I would like to introduce the A-B-C-D-Framework for building a successful career in RPA! This is a cornerstone episode of the RPA For Everyone podcast, which introduces the four major pillars you must master in order to grow in the RPA world.The subsequent episodes will drill down further into each pillar, detailing various aspects involved and their correlation to each other.Please make sure you're subscribed to the Video Podcast on YouTube and your choice of the Audio Podcast platform!Automation awareness is becoming a necessity of the times. And in this fast-changing space of Robotic Process Automation, it can be tough to keep track sometimes…Enter – RPA For Everyone! The aim of this podcast is to decode the RPA technology to those new or unfamiliar with it, while also bringing the latest and greatest updates that could shape your career.Subscribe to get episode updates and share your feedback!Subscribe on YouTube at for new episodes and other non-podcast content!
  1. 002 – The FOUR SECRETS To A Successful RPA Career
  2. 001 – Unsure whether RPA Is A Good Career Path For You? Listen to this!

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