RPA and Human in the Loop (HitL)

A fellow RPA evangelist Vajrang B was kind enough to invite me as Guest Speaker on his YouTube channel. It was a great interactive session about RPA and Human in the Loop (HitL).

This page is a compilation of all the resources that were mentioned or referenced during the live session. The video is linked below. If you or someone you know is on their initial stages of Robotic Process Automation, this video should help get some clarity on why RPA can supercharge your career!

What is RPA?

Some statistics about Robotic Process Automation over the past 7 years (2016 – 2022):

Source: https://www.horsesforsources.com/rpa-forecast-2016-2022_120118/

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for RPA:


Where is Human in the Loop used in RPA?

UiPath – Reading material

  1. Orchestration Process – UiPath Docs Link
  2. Document Understanding – UiPath Docs Link
  3. Action Center – UiPath Docs Link

Microsoft Power Automate – Reading Material

  1. Power Automate – Guide to download and learn Power Automate Desktop

Take a look around the website!

The RPAForEveryone homepage has some more reading material if you’re very new to Robotic Process Automation.

RPA 101: Introduction to Software Robots

RPA 102: Learn To Think Like A Robot