Posted on Jun 25, 2020

Where do you see yourself in Post-COVID Years?

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Where are you taking your career when things go back to 'normal'?

No matter the career path we choose, each one of us has had to answer a question more than once in their professional lives – Where do you see yourself in five years? It’s a question designed to question one’s outlook and the state of mind around the things to come. This ability to...

Posted on Jun 03, 2020

Robotic Process Automation – Keywords Explained

Posted in General Information, RPA Awareness, RPA Tools

Over the past few years, Robotic Process Automation has made its way to various businesses, spanning over several industries and domains. You might have heard your colleagues or friends explain how robots are going to automate some process or another. If you have, then you’re no stranger to the jargon (aka keywords) that is...